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February 6, 2023

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February 20, 2023

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March 3, 2023

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March 3, 2023


Developments in nanoelectronics and nanoscale surface modification have continued to drive the need for more elegant and reliable bottom-up area selective deposition (ASD) strategies. Most notably, the semiconductor industry has relentlessly pursued sub-10 nm transistor fabrication for next-generation devices, an endeavor that increasingly relies on selective deposition techniques to facilitate proper material alignment. However, other fields beyond traditional transistor fabrication have also found potential applications for selective deposition. Mixed-material catalysts have consistently shown the benefits of having site-specific material growth, but new optical devices and materials for energy storage have also contributed to an increased focus on developing new strategies for ASD.

In an effort to help facilitate the progression of ASD techniques, the 7th Area Selective Deposition Workshop (ASD 2023) will be held on April 2-5, 2023 in Incheon National University, Incheon,Korea. Located in Songdo which is International Business District of Incheon, this year’s workshop will act as a central event for sharing and discussing the newest developments in ASD by gathering leading experts from both academia and industry. Attendees can expect to participate in talks regarding fundamental challenges related to recent developments in ASD, applications for ASD in next-generation technology, emergent processes for implementing ASD techniques, and new perspectives on metrological and characterization strategies for further understanding persistent mechanistic challenges. 

Based on the success of the previous workshops, ASD2023 will consist of two days of presentations by invited and contributing speakers, as well as a banquet reception and poster session at the Incheon National University, Incheon. In addition, a half-day tutorial is scheduled prior to ASD2023 on Sunday afternoon to provide lectures about fundamentals of selective deposition, surface treatment, and functionalization. After the two days ASD2023 Workshop, one day special session will be held on Wednesday, focusing on ALD for semiconductors. As one of the centers in the Si device industrial supply chain, in Korea, we expect an open discussion forum for the current technological transition of Si devices and challenges for the next generation semiconductor technology.


  • April 2nd, Sunday: Tutorial for ASD
  • April 3rd, Monday: ASD Workshop Day 1
  • April 4th, Tuesday: ASD Workshop Day 2
  • April 5th, Wednesday: Special Session, ALD for Semiconductors


to be announced


More invited speakers will be updated soon!

 Tutorial for ASD Fundamentals (April 2nd)

Prof. Gregory Parsons (North Carolina State University, USA)

"ASD by intrinsic surface properties"

Prof. Sean Barry (Carleton University, Canada)

"Find 10 Differences Between These Precursors: ALD vs ASD Surface Chemistry"

Prof. Adrie Mackus (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)

"ASD by Passivation: from Self-assembled Monolayers to Small Molecule Inhibitors"

 ASD2023 Workshop (April 3rd-4th)

Prof. Rong Chen (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China) 

"Surface reaction kinetics for Inherent Selective Atomic Layer Deposition"

Prof. Ralf Tonner (Leipzig University, Germany)

"Small molecule inhibitor-based approaches for area-selective deposition from first principles"

Dr. Marc Merkx (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)

"The mechanisms of precursor blocking during area-selective ALD using small molecule inhibitors"

Dr. Eun Hyoung Cho (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)

"Study on fabrication of seam-less gap filling through controlling of surface reactions in 3D structures"

Prof. Matthias Young (University of Missouri, USA)

"Area selective atomic layer deposition enabled by writeable functional group patterning"

Prof. Soo Hyun Kim (Yeungnam University, Korea)

"Selectively grown ALD-ZnO bottomless barrier for  Advanced Cu Metallization"

Prof. Mike Filler (Georgia Tech, USA)

"Area Selective Deposition for Bottom-up Nanoelectronic Device Synthesis"

Dr. Keith Wong (Applied Materials)

"Strategies for Area-Selective Deposition at an Industrial Scale" 

Dr. Rachel Nye (Lam Research)

"Self-Assembling Monolayers vs Small Molecule Inhibitors in Area-Selective Deposition"

"Area Selective Deposition for Bottom-up Nanoelectronic Device Synthesis"

Dr. Sang Hoon Ahn (Samsung Electronics)

"Area selective dielectric deposition beyond the scaling limit"

Dr. Dina Triyoso (TEL)

"Selective Deposition for Fully Self-Aligned Via: progress, challenges and opportunities"

 Special Session, "ALD for Semiconductors" (April 5th)

Prof. Hyungjun Kim, Yonsei University, Korea

"ALD for Semiconductors from high-k to 2D TMDC"

Dr. Seiyon Kim, SK hynix Fellow, SK hynix, Korea

"ALD Technology for Disruptive Semiconductor Devices : Evolutionary to Revolutionary Paths "

Dr. Zhebo Chen, Director of Global Product Management, Applied Materials, USA

"Enabling Advanced Metallization with Selective Deposition"

Dr. Hanjin Lim, VP of Technology, Samsung Electronics, Korea

"The Application of Selective Area Deposition in the 3D Semiconductor Structure"


Abstract submissoion will be open from January 16, 2023


This event is centered on showcasing developments across the whole spectrum of area-selective deposition. Thus, the Workshop will cover a wide range of topics including the following:

  • Mechanisms and surface-dependent thin film nucleation and growth
  • Surface passivation for controlled nucleation and growth
  • Patterned deposition resists, including organic monolayers or polymers
  • Chemical activation for nucleation enhancement
  • Selectivity in thin film etching, including atomic layer etching (ALE)
  • Precursor selection for area-selective deposition
  • Processes and mechanisms for area-selective deposition using atomic layer deposition (ALD), molecular layer deposition (MLD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), and other thin film deposition techniques
  • Metrology for area-selective deposition
  • Applications for area-selective deposition in electronics manufacturing
  • Applications for area-selective processing in catalysis, energy generation and storage, and other emerging areas
  • Surface characterization techniques for defects formation and mitigation


Registration will be open on Feburary 13th



Prof. Han-Bo-Ram (Boram) Lee



  • Rudy J Wojtecki (IBM), ASD2022 Chair
  • Stacey F Bent (Stanford University), ASD2020 Chair
  • Annelies Delabie (imec), ASD2016 Chair
  • John G Ekerdt (University of Texase), ASD2021 Chair
  • Dennis Hausmann (Lam Research)
  • Erwin Kessels (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • Adrie Mackus (Eindhoven University of Technology), ASD2017 Chair
  • Ravi Kanjolia (EMD Electronics)
  • Gregory Parsons (North Carolina State University), ASD2018 Chair
  • Robert Clark (TEL)
  • Sean Barry (Carleton University)
  • Han-Bo-Ram Lee (Incheon National University), ASD2023 Chair
  • Marko Tuominen (ASM)
  • Sudipto Naskar (Intel)
  • Anuja DaSilva (Lam Research)
  • Kristen Colwell (Intel)
  • Seung Wook Ryu (SK hynix)


Sponsorship Opportunities

ASD 2023 will offer excellent sponsorship opportunities that will enable an organization to maximize the impression they make at the conference given their budget constraints. Please review our Sponsorship Form for more information.

  • Platinum Sponsors
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Getting Here

Incheon International Airport is ranked one of the top airports in the world and is just 20 minutes by car or bus from INU's main campus in Songdo. Car and bus are your the best transportation options as there is no direct subway route to Songdo. 


Taxi is the best option to get INU. It takes 30 min and the fare is around KRW30,000. A toll, KRW5,500, to cross Incheon Bridge will be added to the final fare.

Car rental

If you prefer to drive out of Incheon International Airport, you can use the SK Rent-a-Car (https://www.skcarrental.com/) and Lotte Rent-a-car (https://www.lotterentacar.net/hp/eng/main/index.do) services. There are two car rental outlets at Exit 2 on the first floor, Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport. Insurance is offered on all rental cars at Incheon International Airports. Cars can be reserved in advance. The campus has plenty of underground parking spaces for visitors and the fee is KRW1,000 for the first four hours or KRW5,000 for the whole day. You can find INU at Google Maps (https://goo.gl/maps/btpppYTksP9gLmq5A), but the Google Maps phone app does not give turn-by-turn directions in Korea.


It can be a little complicated to take a subway from the Incheon International Airport to Songdo as you will have to transfer from the Airport line to the Incheon line at Gyeyang Station. To buy a ticket, use one of the automated machines (KRW1,150). When purchasing your ticket, it is important to clearly state your destination. Get off at the the Incheon National University station and then walk or take the local bus/taxi to campus. Below is the subway map.


Conference rates for hotels will be open soon.

Orakai Songdo Park Hotel

151, Techno park-ro, Yeonsu-gu, 

Incheon, Korea

Oakwood Premier Incheon

165 Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu,

Incheon, korea

The Central Park Hotel

193, Techno park-ro, Yeonsu-gu, 

Incheon, Korea

Hotel Skypark Incheon Songdo

233, Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu,

Incheon, Korea

Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon

200, Techno park-ro, Yeonsu-gu,

Incheon, Korea

Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo

251 Incheon Tower-Daero, Yeonsu-gu,

Incheon, Korea


Incheon is a place where tourism in inland and coastal areas is well developed by utilizing its topographical characteristics.

Key Dates

Conference Date: April 2-5, 2023

Abstract Submission Open: January 16, 2023 

Registration Open: Feburary 13, 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline : February 6, 2023

Author Acceptance Notifications : February 20,2023

Early Registration Deadline : March 3, 2023

Hotel Reservation Deadline : March 3, 2023


Prof. Han-Bo-Ram (Boram) Lee