Developments in nanoelectronics and nanoscale surface modification have continued to drive the need for more elegant and reliable bottom-up area selective deposition (ASD) strategies. Most notably, the semiconductor industry has relentlessly pursued sub-10 nm transistor fabrication for next-generation devices, an endeavor that increasingly relies on selective deposition techniques to facilitate proper material alignment. However, other fields beyond traditional transistor fabrication have also found potential applications for selective deposition. Mixed-material catalysts have consistently shown the benefits of having site-specific material growth, but new optical devices and materials for energy storage have also contributed to an increased focus on developing new strategies for ASD. In an effort to help facilitate the progression of ASD techniques, the 7th Area Selective Deposition Workshop (ASD 2023) will be held on April 2-5, 2023 in Incheon National University, Incheon,Korea. Located in Songdo which is International Business District of Incheon, this year’s workshop will act as a central event for sharing and discussing the newest developments in ASD by gathering leading experts from both academia and industry. Attendees can expect to participate in talks regarding fundamental challenges related to recent developments in ASD, applications for ASD in next-generation technology, emergent processes for implementing ASD techniques, and new perspectives on metrological and characterization strategies for further understanding persistent mechanistic challenges. Based on the success of the previous workshops, ASD2023 will consist of two days of presentations by invited and contributing speakers, as well as a banquet reception and poster session at the Incheon National University, Incheon. In addition, a half-day tutorial is scheduled prior to ASD2023 on Sunday afternoon to provide lectures about fundamentals of selective deposition, surface treatment, and functionalization. After the two days ASD2023 Workshop, one day special session will be held on Wednesday, focusing on ALD for semiconductors. As one of the centers in the Si device industrial supply chain, in Korea, we expect an open discussion forum for the current technological transition of Si devices and challenges for the next generation semiconductor technology.


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