This event is centered on showcasing developments across the whole spectrum of area-selective deposition. Thus, the Workshop will cover a wide range of topics including the following:

  • Mechanisms and surface-dependent thin film nucleation and growth
  • Surface passivation for controlled nucleation and growth
  • Patterned deposition resists, including organic monolayers or polymers
  • Chemical activation for nucleation enhancement
  • Selectivity in thin film etching, including atomic layer etching (ALE)
  • Precursor selection for area-selective deposition
  • Processes and mechanisms for area-selective deposition using atomic layer deposition (ALD), molecular layer deposition (MLD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), and other thin film deposition techniques
  • Metrology for area-selective deposition
  • Applications for area-selective deposition in electronics manufacturing
  • Applications for area-selective processing in catalysis, energy generation and storage, and other emerging areas
  • Surface characterization techniques for defects formation and mitigation

Travel Support for Students, Postdocs, and Early-career researchers

ASD2023 organizing committees and admiration office are happy to announce that we launch a travel support plan ($1,000 or $500) for graduate students, postdoc scholars and early-career researchers who are not able to have full grant support for international travel. The application submission page will be open when the pre-registration is open.

Support Plan

The organizing committee will review all applicants and select awardees based on total travel expenses, travel distance, presenter types, and academic/research level.  The number of awardees may be varied depending on the number of applicants and conference income 

Travel Support application submission is now closed.


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